Rusty Cyborg Creations is a creative design enterprise. Its current focus lies in jewelry, with specific emphasis in its body jewelry. Under the vision and direction of Aneta VonCyborg, its designer jewelry concept was born out of the unique combined vision of its creators: Body art and piercing pioneer and Jeweller and 3D sculptor, Samppa VonCyborg, and jewelry designer, Master Sculptor and 3D design expert and veteran of the motion picture industry, Tomas S Wittelsbach – both at the top of their fields.

Using 3D sculpting techniques and the latest manufacturing technology enables us to bring our unparalleled vision to life. To do this, all our pieces are produced by casting, as this is the only process that can achieve the highly defined detail they carry.

Our aim is to provide our users with an exclusive product of the utmost quality, whilst offering the highest standard of customer service. To ensure this, we submit all our jewelry to the most rigorous quality control checks.

We admire and encourage individuality, so our policy towards mass production is simple: “That is not us”. Every single piece of jewelry we release will be discontinued at some point to make room for new creations. This makes each design a “limited edition”.

But it doesn’t stop there. Rusty Cyborg Creations will be ever expanding its creative range. We will keep growing to offer our visitors a dark cornucopia of original products, raging from various accessories to raw art.

Tomas S Wittelsbach
Samppa VonCyborg
Aneta VonCyborg