Body Jewelry

Browse our exclusive collection of unique style body jewelry. It features biomechanical designs by Tomas S Wittelsbach, in collaboration with Samppa VonCyborg and Aneta Von Cyborg. We produce all our pieces by casting. This is because casting is the only manufacturing process capable to achieve the amount of detail in our designs.

On this page, you can find Rusty Cyborg Creations’ current collection and many of those designs are limited edition ones and will be available for limited time.

On our online shop you can see selection in the following categories: Septum Clickers, Hinged Rings, Ear Weights and Ear Tunnels and soon we will be bringing more, as we are working on new and exciting new designs for the ear and nose projects. Smaller gauges attachments, matching sets, etc.

Excited for this year and our new upcoming creations!

All the pieces available at this time, are cast in high stainless steel 316L with oxidised effect.

New line, coated in 18K (real) gold PVD is currently in the making. And we hoped to be able to bring also solid 18K gold line in the future.

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